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Unlock Your Creativity Blocks - One-on-One Coaching Via Skype

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Your Creative Energy

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YogaRx(tm) - An Individualized Plan for You

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Stimulate Your Life(tm): Unlock Your Creative Energy Weekend Workshop

Jeannine McGlade and Andrew Pek

Each of us are meant to live full, vibrant lives.  Lives full of energy, lives full of abundance.  If we learn to unblock our energy, we will find ourselves less stressed, more open to possibilities and feeling better physically and emotionally. We'll attract  more of what we want into our lives.  The right people will show up. The right circumstances.  You will awaken possibilities you never thought existed!  Through a systematic (yet simple!) process, we will help you live a life of creative expression and abundance! So, whether you are a stay at home parent, an artist, an entrepreneur or a business executive, let us help you learn how to get back your creative groove and live a full and vibrant life! 

It's time to get unstuck and unlock your creative energy!

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Ideas to Income: A Step-by-Step Formula to Grow Your Business

Jeannine McGlade

Developing an At-Home Yoga Practice

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